Guest Services Operations

Prepare and provide skilled training opportunities to PMR / SPM / SPMV leavers in general Hospitality and in particular Guest Services Operations to meet industry demand in accordance to The Department of Skilled Development and The Ministry of Human Resources requirements.
Courses Offered


Guest Services Operations is based on the National Occupational Skill Standards developed by The Department of Skilled Development


A Level 3 Malaysian Skilled Certificate (SKM) shall be awarded to trainees achieving the required skills. A 12-month period of study at the Suria College of Hospitality.

Conditions of Qualification


17 to 35 years old


Malaysian citizenship


Able to read, write and perform basic computation


Healthy and free from drug addiction


To applicants for Tiers 2 and 3 should have the required entry level from accredited institutions by JPK-KSM

Student Intake

The intake of students four times a year, in January, April, July and October. Advertisement will be published in newspaper, electronic media and road tours.