Electrical Installation and Maintenance

Single Phase Electrical Installation and Maintenance (EE-320-2:2012)
Train skilled workers with skills in electrical technicians and have the required competency to be accepted by the industry.
Courses Offered


Electrical Installation & Maintenance Program is based on the National Occupational Skill Standards developed by The Department of Skilled Development


Trainees who were skilled will be awarded the Malaysian Skills Certificate (SKM) in Level. Study of SKM level 2 would be at Suria College of Technology (KL). Trainees have the opportunities to further their studies in SKM Level 3 at other Pusat Bertauliah which are under cooperation with Suria College of Technology (KL)
  • SKM Level 2 : 12 Months

Smart Building

Recent advances in data collection and analysis open new opportunities for smart building technology. For the first time, the Building Management System (BMS) has the capability to meet the needs of consumers for lighting, temperature and other services such as energy saving through targeted services.

Conditions of Qualification


17 to 35 years old


Malaysian citizenship


Able to read, write and perform basic computation


Healthy and free from drug addiction

Student Intake

The intake of students four times a year, in January, April, July and October. Advertisement will be published in newspaper, electronic media and road tours.