Electrical Installation With Basic Automation

Short Course


The Electrical sector can be defined as dealing with electrically powered machine or vehicles. It also is related to, producing products or those operated by electricity. Electrical products are categorized into three sub-sectors, namely industrial equipment, electrical components and household appliances. Manufacturing activities in the electrical industry have evolved from mere assembly to design and development of components and high-end products of foreign brands including R&D, design and marketing of local brands for the regional and global markets.


This course is specifically catered for participants and beginners who are starting to learn about the electrical installation with basic function of controller and logic module. The course format consists of instructions and hands-on exercises. This course uses a lamp, fan and buzzer for demonstrations and exercises. Benefits of this course are as follow:

  • Improving the knowledge and skills of employee.
  • Would enable the employee to develop and perform small automation task and applications.
  • Enable applicant to develop and performing wiring system


The personnel who are competent in the programme must be able to interpret wiring specifications and procedures, wiring requirement, carry out wiring activities and testing wiring on wiring system. The personnel also would enable to develop and perform small automation tasks and applications.